Mathieu Pellen

Since October 2018, I am a Research Associate in the High Energy Physics group of the Cavendish Laboratory which is the department of physics of the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). I obtained my PhD from the RWTH University of Aachen (Germany) in 2015. I then worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Wuerzburg (Germany) until 2018.

I am a theoretical physicist working mainly on particle physics. I have been working on several aspects of physics beyond the Standard Model, especially Supersymmetry and Dark Matter. In particular, I have been working on higher-order corrections for such models at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) or for satellite based experiments such as AMS-02. In the recent years, I have been focusing on higher-order corrections for Standard Model processes at the LHC. More specifically, I have carried out NLO QCD and electroweak corrections for high multiplicity processes such as top quark processes or vector-boson scattering processes. My interest lies in the computation of higher-order corrections and its phenomenology in high energy colliders such as the LHC.

A list of publications can be found on Inspire, and a copy of my CV is accessible here.

Contact details:

Office: (Cavendish Lab): Rutherford 935
Office: (+44) 1223 764127
Mailing Address: Cavendish Laboratory (HEP), JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE, United Kingdom