FastNLO tables for top-pair production

This page contains FastNLO tables with top-quark-pair differential distributions in NNLO QCD for LHC. For details please see the publication: Czakon, Heymes, Mitov, arXiv:1704.08551.

The fastNLO toolkit, as well as instructions about how to convolute tables with pdf sets, can be obtained from the fastNLO website:

Results available for download:

  1. LHC 8 TeV, bin1, mtop=173.3GeV

where bin1 corresponds to the binning in 1505.04480 (CMS) and 1511.04716 (ATLAS), lepton+jet channel measurements, for the following four distributions: mtt, ytt, yavt and pTavt.

The tarball above contains the tables as well as a README file with further details and an example of how to use the tables.