B-hadron fragmentation at NNLO in QCD

In the paper arXiv:2210.06078 (by Czakon, Generet, Mitov and Poncelet) the following sets of NNLO b-fragmentation functions were produced:

  • B-hadron production
  • J/ψ production ( J/ψ originating in hadronic B decays)
  • muon production (μ originating in semileptonic B->μ+X decays)

Each set consists of 100 members which allows for detailed fragmentation function uncertainty estimates (see the above reference for details).

The sets above can be downloaded from here ; in the very near future they will be available directly from the LHAPDF library. We encourage users to use the official version available through LHAPDF.

We thank Gennaro Corcella for a collaboration at an early stage of this work and for numerous useful comments and suggestions.