Results for processes with heavy flavors and/or jets

W+c-jet at the LHC in NNLO QCD
  • The predictions from the paper arXiv:2011.01011 can be downloaded here. In addition to the results published in that paper, here we make available several additional distributions. Here is the complete set of distributions included in the tarball:
    • mu and c-jet: pseudorapidity, delta R, pT, delta(phi), M
    • W: M, mT, ET, pT
    • mu: rapidity, pT
    • c-jet: pseudorapidity, pT
    • pTmiss


  • An updated set of predictions for W+c-jet at NNLO derived in the paper arXiv:2212.00467. A number of updates have been included, like: NLO EW, off-diagonal CKM elements through NNLO, impact of event selection and the so-called same-sign contribution, kT and anti-kT flavor jet algorithms.
    • All results shown in this paper (including results mentioned but not shown) can be found here.
    • An additional set of predictions for different observables/binning not explicitly discussed in the paper is available here (please see the README file for details).


Jet event shapes at the LHC in NNLO QCD
  • Additional results from the paper arXiv:2301.01086 (by Manuel Alvarez, Josu Cantero, Michal Czakon, Javier Llorente, Alexander Mitov, Rene Poncelet) will appear here soon.