Alexander Mitov

I am a Professor at the Cavendish Laboratory (the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge) and an Official Fellow of Emmanuel College (part of the University of Cambridge). My work is supported through the STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship Scheme and by the European Research Council through an ERC Consolidator Grant.

I am a theoretical physicist working in the area of elementary particles and fundamental interactions. I specialize in precision phenomenology at high-energy particle colliders, especially the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). My current focus is on top quark physics which plays a central role in the ongoing LHC searches for physics beyond the Standard Model. My group at the Centre for Precision Studies in Particle Physics at Cambridge plays a leading role in this world-wide effort.

I have also worked on Phenomenology of models with extra dimensions and Mathematical physics. I am keenly interested in the problem of Dark Matter and in Gravity.

Teaching (this year I am on sabbatical)


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