Zahari Kassabov

I am a Research Associate in the High Energy Physics group at the Cavendish Laboratory, home of the Department of Physics of the University of Cambridge.

I am interested in the application of advanced computational and statistical methods to open problems in the Phenomenology of High Energy Physics. I completed my graduate studies at the University of Milan, with my work my work focusing on the determination of Parton Distribution Functions (PDFs), particularly within the NNPDF collaboration. My current research seeks to put into action novel methods for the precise computation of amplitudes.

I am interested in the application of Machine Learning techniques in Physics, as well as in the development of software systems that ensure the practicality and reproducibility of scientific computing.


A list of publications can be found on Inspire, and a copy of my CV is accessible here.


Contact details:

  • email: zdk261@cam.ac.uk
  • Office: (Cavendish Lab): Rutherford 954
  • Office: (+44) 1223 764161
  • Mailing Address: Cavendish Laboratory (HEP), JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE, United Kingdom