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The International Linear Collider (ILC) is a proposed e+e collider. The proposed host country is Japan. This collider proposal is distinguished by its broad energy range (from about 250 GeV up to 1 TeV, or even more) and its large luminosity.

It is hoped that an ILC Pre-Lab will be created in the near future (the detailed Proposal is available here). Its goal is to consolidate the activities towards the ILC. As part of this effort an ILC International Development Team has been formed which covers various aspects of the future collider.

The current webpage’s Topical Group is part of the so-called Working Group 3 (Physics and Detectors). More info about its structure and goals can be found at the webpage of the WG3-Phys Kickoff Meeting (held 27 May 2021).

Some recent literature:


Physics goals of the Top, heavy flavour & QCD Topical Group:

Organize and consolidate the ILC efforts related to this topic. This includes:

Please contact the conveners (see contacts above) if you are interested.

Examples of posible topics:

  • Top mass from the tt threshold
  • Top mass from continuum production (collider c.m. energies up to about 1 TeV)
  • Bottom production at collider c.m. energies 250 GeV – 1 TeV
  • bb asymmetry
  • Jet physics at collider c.m. energies 250 GeV – 1 TeV
  • Jet flavor tagging at collider c.m. energies 250 GeV – 1 TeV
  • Advanced jet reconstructions techniques (at collider c.m. energies 250 GeV – 1 TeV)
  • Experimental challenges

We are open to other suggestions and ideas. Please feel free to drop us a line.

Past & Future contributions: