Some results for top-pair differential distributions in pure QCD

Electronic files with LHC 13 TeV predictions in NLO QCD for 2 dimensional ATLAS differential distributions in pTavt and mtt. Results available for many pdf sets: CT14lo, CT14nlo, CT14nnlo, MMHT2014lo, MMHT2014nlo, MMHT2014nnlo, NNPDF31_lo_as_0118, NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118, NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118, NNPDF31_nlo_as_0118_luxqed, NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_luxqed. We use mtop=172.5 GeV. Complete description available in the README file inside the tarball. NLO results cross-checked with aMC@NLO (plots available upon request).

Credits: Czakon, Mitov, Papanastasiou (2018, to appear).